Reasons why Star Wars The Force Awakens became box office

Let’s find out the reasons why ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ became box office? If you have been a fan of Star Wars, you must know the reasons why, especially, if you are active in searching for information about Star Wars.

The reasons why Star Wars’ the Force Awakens became box office:

The film is for everybody regardless of the age. It brings back favourite characters and has refreshed storyline. So, older people having watched Star Wars when they were kids will understand the film is also for young children. In this film, Han Solo comes back and the character is played by Harrison Ford. Both the actor and the character are mature to make the actor have his best moment.

The music in this film invokes the anthem of Star Wars so this will link to the legacy of the series’.The film still has a link to the six previous ones with certain details as the background. This thing doesn’t take over the film though. The trailer for this film is so amazing that it shows the main characters one by one. This is great that moviegoers will know each character well.

The movie director, JJ Abrams is one of the biggest fans of Star Wars, so he knows what he makes. He said that this film has been a part of his life. In this film, there are new characters that will make the fans curious. This is to make the film more refreshing. This film has beaten the selling record of Hunger Games. The posters of this film make its fans curious and are inviting to watch.

With its 936,662,225 dollars domestic total gross, this film no wonders became one of the box offices. So, what do you think? It is hoped that the article about “Why ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ became box office?” gives you more knowledge.

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