My Own List of Best Box Office Movie in 2017

Various films were presented throughout 2017, some of them managed to reach commercial targets, some others were criticized by critics. Towards the end of 2017, we summarized a list of the best box office movie in 2017.

Beauty and the Beast
The romantic fantasy live-action film starred Emma Watson and Dan Stevens was ranked first for the best-selling film category. Until the end of 2017, the films obtained a total profit of 1,263 billion dollars or around 17 trillion rupiahs. A total of 4,210 cinema screens aired the film since its premiere on March until July that year.

The film was actually repackaged from the original version of Disney’s 1991 production. The director of the film is Bill Condon, while the work of the story script was handed over to Evan Spiliotopulos and Stephen Chbosky. The film was produced under a consortium of production houses Walt Disney Pictures and also Mandeville Films.

Despicable Me 3
Continuing the sequel to his previous film, Gru comes with a fresh story involving his twin brother to fight new enemy Balthazar Bratt, a small child from the 1980s who transformed into a criminal. Despicable Me 3 managed to make a profit of 1,033 billion dollars since it was premiered in June with an initial budget of 80 million dollars.

The film was directed by director Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin based on a script written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. The film is under a consortium of Universal Pictures.

The Fate of the Furious
The Fate of the Furious, which is known as Fast & Furious 8, is an American action film that tells the story of the Vin Diesel’s dangerous mission. This movie managed to reap a profit of 1,235 billion dollars or around 16 trillion rupiahs since its premiere on April until July. The initial budget spent was around 250 million dollars.

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