William Shatner Talks Roddenberry, Next Generation, and More

Posted by on July 29, 2015 8:53 am
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William Shatner Talks Roddenberry, Next Generation, and More

In his new hour-long documentary, “Chaos on the Bridge,” star of the original series himself, William Shatner, explores the first two years of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (TNG). He explores the fighting and creative hangups that almost led to the death of one of science fiction’s most iconic television shows before it even aired episode one.

About Gene Roddenberry: “They started to make writers producers, and that was the flaw with the same guy doing two opposing jobs. It led to some tension and confusion with Gene and some other people. So when I say that my relationship was distant, I mean he didn’t warm to many people, so he kept me at arm’s length, which was fine.”

About The Next Generation movies: “I was enjoying the aging of the Captain and playing into that as he lost strength and agility. I was enjoying it. Then, suddenly, it stopped because they wanted to make movies with ‘The Next Generation’ cast. And by the way, they didn’t make more money than ours did.”


Read more at: http://www.ibtimes.com/william-shatner-talks-star-trek-next-generation-captain-picard-gene-roddenberry-chaos-2028364

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