VR Poised to Own 2016 As Oculus Sells Out “Rift” Supply in 14 Minutes

Posted by on January 12, 2016 10:00 am
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VR Poised to Own 2016 As Oculus Sells Out “Rift” Supply in 14 Minutes

Oculus Rift, the long anticipated Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for PCs, has been released to the public. Pre-orders for the kit have finally opened, revealing a price of $599 USD/£499 GBP, with the first shipments expected to be carried out in March 2016. If you weren’t able to get in early for an order it appears that you’re already out of luck, however, as it appears Oculus Rift day one stock has run out as shipping has now been pushed to April 2016.

A message appeared on the Oculus website just 14 minutes after 0800 PST indicating that the sales were completed. Further orders will be getting a copy of EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games completely free, while everyone that picks it up outright will get a copy of Lucky’s Tale as well as an Xbox One controller bundled in the box.

2016 is primed to be a banner year for Virtual Reality for several companies. The HTC “Vive” will have pre-orders on February 29th, Sony’s “Playstation VR” is slated to roll out in 2016 as well and will be compatible with the Playstation 4 console. With nearly 36 million PS4 units sold globally, they are in a unique position to unveil their VR unit to a large number of optimized systems. However, concerns have been raised as to whether or not the technology is ready.



The Sony Playstation VR is set to be released in 2016.


The upcoming Oculus Rift will run at 2160×1200, at 90 frames per second, which is a little over three times as demanding as a 1920×1080 monitor running at 30 frames per second. If a consistent 90 frames per second isn’t achieved the game will stutter and input lag will occur, ruining the experience, straining eyes, and potentially causing headaches.

To answer that, 2nd Generation NVIDIA Maxwell-based GeForce GTX GPUs are built to deliver the raw frame rates and high resolution required for demanding VR experiences.



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