“The Force Awakens” to Bring in $9 Billion?

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“The Force Awakens” to Bring in $9 Billion?

While the film could bring global grosses of $2B (in Goldman Sachs’ newly raised estimate) or even $2.5B, the film could result in $9B in total revenues, once ancillaries come in.

Star Wars merch is expected to draw $3B in 2015 and $5B over the coming 12 months, far surpassing ticket sales. Adobe said there were 15M visits to websites selling affiliated products between September and November.

Aside from standard merchandise, videogames could add nearly $1.5B, while other viewing windows (DVDs and digital copies, and television licensing) could combine for near $1B. Licensees have helped with an expanded line of products, including goods traditionally targeted at girls (including a “Dark Side” mascara and Stormtrooper necklace).




Despite Star Wars’ staying power as a merchandising beast since the 1970s, “to my memory, the level of activity surrounding this film launch has never been seen in Star Wars history or with any other movie franchise,” says Marty Brochstein of the International Licensing Industry.

Goldman’s Drew Borst has raised overall gross estimates for the film to $1.95B ($750M domestic, $1.2B international) — the third-highest total gross of all time — up from $1.5B.

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