“The Force Awakens” Pumpkin Is Blowing Minds

Posted by on October 31, 2015 8:59 am
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“The Force Awakens” Pumpkin Is Blowing Minds

Patrick Coyne, a member of a Star Wars “Geeks” Facebook group, loves pumpkins and loves Star Wars. Inspired by the upcoming movie, “The Force Awakens”, Patrick decided to bring his two loves together.


Geeks Speak: How long did this take you to do? Was it your first pumpkin or were there others that didn’t “make the cut”?

Patrick Coyne: This pumpkin in total took me about 15 hours to do. I had been brain storming ideas of Star Wars pumpkins I wanted to do and I was trying to think of something nobody else had done yet. I have the poster as my wallpaper on my phone and it hit me. I also wanted to make BB-8 because he’s awesome so I did as well.




GS: Have you done pumpkins like this before? The complexity is incredible. Was this a stencil or by hand from memory?

PC: This is my 11th year in a row doing pumpkins like this. This is probably the hardest one I have ever done but they all take a lot of time and patience. I made the pattern on my computer from the poster and then used an exacto knife to draw the pattern out on the pumpkin.


GS: Where did you learn this? Did someone help you?

PC: My dad actually taught me how to carve pumpkins at a young age. He had been carving for about 5 years when I first started at the age of 10. I loved it so much I kept up with it and then the pumpkins got more complex each year. Without my dad I wouldn’t know how to do any of this and he’s amazing at it too. I believe he’s better than me.




GS: Obviously you are looking forward to the new movie, but tell me your feelings about it. Will a non-George Lucas Star Wars movie succeed?

PC: At first the new movie I wasn’t too sure about because I didn’t want anyone screwing up what Star Wars is and represents. I grew up watching it and absolutely love it. When I heard JJ Abrams was directing this new film I felt a lot better. I also grew up with Star Trek and the two films he directed of Star Trek were amazing and I loved them. He kept true with the story and gave the fans amazing movies that followed what Star Trek was all about and I have a good feeling he will do that with Star Wars fans.


GS: What do you love most about Star Wars?

PC: It’s hard to answer what I love most about Star Wars because honestly there is so much. To me the biggest thing is it gives you an escape from reality which all sci-fi movies pretty much do. Star Wars takes me to another world and really makes me feel like maybe there is a galaxy far far away that was once like that. Like I said I grew up with it so it means a lot to me.




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