Star Trek: The Musical

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Star Trek: The Musical

A Star Trek musical called, “Boldly Go”, is beaming into CalTech and the amount of surprises it brings is “fascinating”.

The cast is made up, not of drama or theater majors, but of physicists, chemical engineers and planetary scientists. “I came in with no musical background,” said Michael Wong, an applicant to NASA’s astronaut program. “I’m a huge ‘Star Trek’ fan.”

The Remmen brothers, Grant and Cole, started work on the musical shortly before “Star Trek: Into Darkness” premiered in 2013. Now it is set to play for six nights over the next two weeks.

They pieced together the musical — 19 songs in all — over a year and a half and finished it in January 2015. The story, running under 2 and half hours, pokes fun at the tropes of “Star Trek” and musical comedies in general, with the crew of the Enterprise dealing with Klingons, Spock’s struggle with emotions, a chorus of short-lived Redshirts and a mysterious threat.



“All sorts of mayhem happens,” Cole Remmen said.

More than 50 people worked on the show, with the cast and crew including faculty members, NASA employees, students and a few Caltech alumni, according to the brothers. For many of the cast members, it’s their first brush with the stage.

Caltech has a bit of a history with “Star Trek.” Students in 1968 protested outside NBC after rumors circulated the television network would not pick up the show for a third year. Executives at the time said the protests factored into their decision to keep “Star Trek” on the air.




“Boldy Go!” runs from Feb. 26 to Feb. 28 and then from March 3-5. Tickets cost $18 for the general public, $5 for Caltech students and $9 for staff and faculty members. For more information, go to


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