Shatner Confirms No Cameo in “Beyond”

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Shatner Confirms No Cameo in “Beyond”

In the wake of rumours that the original Capt. James Tiberius Kirk would make a long-awaited appearance in director Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, fans have been holding out hope that William Shatner would beam aboard the Enterprise for the franchise’s newest big-screen adventure, set to coincide with the beloved sci-fi franchise’s 50th anniversary.




“It would have been interesting to see what their fertile imaginations could have done with somebody who is 20 years older than when Captain Kirk died [in Star Trek Generations] and how they would have explained the difference in appearance. But that never came up. I’m sure they must have thought of it one time or another but I never had a substantial conversation about replaying the role.” –Shatner

When J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek was in development, the writers had drafted a scene where the late Leonard Nimoy’s “Old Spock” would have given Zachary Quinto’s “New Spock” a pendant holding a holographic Jim Kirk; but the scene that would have featured the Shat in a cameo turn was never even filmed.

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