Opinion: Oh the Times, They Are a Changin’

Posted by on July 31, 2015 5:24 pm
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Opinion: Oh the Times, They Are a Changin’

Netflix has long been known as a powerhouse in the world of entertainment, but they could be on the verge of changing that world for all time.


Recently, the media giant has been making headline after headline. First, they announced an unheard of 7-to-1 stock split, sending shivers down the spines of investment brokers everywhere. Then, they were all too happy to say that they now have 57.4 million digital subscribers and that their revenue from streaming alone broke the one billion dollar mark. In 2014, Netflix accounted for 34.2% of all downstream usage during prime-time hours for the entire continent of North America.




How could it get better?


Original content began appearing. A streaming service provide their own shows? The networks laughed at the idea.


No one is laughing now. In 2014, Netflix shocked people in “the biz” when they were nominated for a whopping 31 Emmy awards. While they only took home 7 wins, it sent a signal that things were about to change.


2015 shows that Netflix is taking the gloves off. This year they have 34 nominations. If you throw in another 12 from Amazon Prime (mostly for one show called “Transparent”) and the online media market now accounts for nearly ten percent of the entire Emmy nominations. Need another bombshell?


Their 46 nominations are more than ABC, NBC, or CBS and second only to HBO’s 126 nominations.


Oh, but it gets even better. With another 57 comic book movies coming between now and 2020 and blockbuster after blockbuster centered on heroes in tights, Netflix has announced that they will be hopping on the comic book bandwagon as well. They plan follow up on the success they had with their smash hit “Daredevil” and release a Marvel based series every six months.




But wait, there’s more.


Rumors are now swirling that Netflix is working on adding three new live action Star Wars series to their formidable arsenal. If true, they would have a lineup that would capitalize on nearly every “hot” show that pop culture has to offer. It is already well known that a deal exists between Disney and Netflix that will bring existing Star Wars content to streaming giant. However, it has been limited to only “The Clone Wars” cartoon series and the movies (to be released in the future).




Netflix arrived on the scene by helping to slay traditional video rental stores like Blockbuster, but this could signal an outright avalanche toward streaming services that should serve notice to the entire cable industry. While this is only the beginning, it should serve notice that Netflix is getting ready to “drop the mic” on what we watch on our televisions forever.