Numbers for “Fallout Shelter” Shock Gaming Industry

Posted by on August 20, 2015 8:47 am
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Numbers for “Fallout Shelter” Shock Gaming Industry

Bethesda continues to tout the success of the company’s mobile game “Fallout Shelter,” as the title has had over one billion gameplay sessions since its official release. The game itself was a surprise to many mobile gamers, as the title received no hype prior to its release. Along with the one billion gameplay sessions, the graphic on the Bethesda Blog also shows that over 85.3 million vaults have been made since the game was launched in June. Overall, mobile gamers have spent more than 29 million hours playing “Fallout Shelter.”


Apparently, there have been 119.5 million fires that have been caused by the player since “Fallout Shelter” launched, in addition to 20.9 million deaths in the game’s wasteland. To balance out all the destruction, there have also been 80.2 million babies that were born in the vaults of “Fallout Shelter.”


One notable absence from the infographic is the total number of downloads for Fallout Shelter. Bethesda also hasn’t said how much revenue the game is pulling in, but a research firm revealed last month that it made $5.1 million during its first two weeks.





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