Netflix + Nintendo = Zelda Live Action Series?

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Netflix + Nintendo = Zelda Live Action Series?

Nintendo has long been wary of anything related to a television series. Their last attempt to make something spectacular was a live action movie of the insanely popular Super Mario video game back in 1993.

That movie’s name now lives in infamy as a box office and critical bob-omb.

Now, Nintendo appears to be shaking off the failure of the 20th century in a new partnership with Netflix. While Nintendo of America does not comment on “rumor and speculation”, The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is in the early stages of development on a live-action series based on Nintendo’s long-running franchise, The Legend of Zelda. They cite a source familiar with the project, stating that Netflix is currently looking for writers for the show, and that the project is being compared to Game of Thrones.




A representative for Netflix has also declined to comment on the report.

A serious question that would arise from such a series would be, “WHICH Legend of Zelda series would they adapt?” Since the game’s debut in 1986, there have been numerous games under the Legend of Zelda franchise, but some have a different “Link” hero saving a different “Zelda” character. Nintendo only recently released a timeline that put the stories in a chronological order, but each game’s story still often acts independent of the others.

Fans would also get to hear Link “speak” for the first time since a 13 episode animated series aired in 1993. An admitted April Fool’s trailer garnered over 5 million views on YouTube, giving hope to the idea that a live action series would eventually come to life.


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