Mark Hamill Denies Near Death Report

Posted by on September 16, 2015 1:02 pm
Categories: Star Wars

Mark Hamill Denies Near Death Report

It was widely reported across the Internet that Mark Hamill, star of several Star Wars movies, nearly died while filming the upcoming Lucasfilm movie “The Force Awakens”. According to a report from The Times in the U.K., the incident happened a while ago — a few weeks after Ford’s injury — but it’s only now being reported. If you recall,The Force Awakens set up shop on the island of Skellig Michael near Ireland in the Iveragh Peninsula. Hamill was one of the folks spotted on location, which features a hefty climb up the 618 stone steps. Reportedly, the actor, 63, was headed up to the monastery when he slipped. Thankfully, a guide from the Irish Office of Public Works reached out and grabbed him, preventing him from a treacherous spill.


Hamill has since denied anything like this even remotely happened via twitter.



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