League of Legends World Championship SHATTERS Records

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League of Legends World Championship SHATTERS Records

The 2015 World Championships ended were in October, but the ratings have just been released and the numbers are simply staggering.

During the five week tournament, they saw an all-time high of 360 million hours of live esports viewed – nearly doubling 2014’s total hours viewed of 194 million. Total cumulative daily unique impressions (the amount of unique viewers that tuned in every day via online and television channels) reached 334 million over the four weeks (from 288 million in 2014).  In fact, over the course of all 73 games, we saw an average concurrent viewership (ACU) of over 4.2 million, with the average fan watching for well over an hour per viewing session.




For the final between SKT and Koo Tigers in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena, peak concurrent viewership (PCU – the highest number of fans tuned in at any one point) was 14 million – up from 11 million in 2014. Overall, the unique viewer count for the Final was 36 million – a record-breaking high for any esports event.

By comparison, the NBA Finals drew an average of 19.939 million viewers in just six games.

Read more at: http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/worlds/articles/worlds-2015-viewership

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