Interview with Chloe Bruce

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Interview with Chloe Bruce

Geeks Speak: You are in the Guinness book of World Records, hold numerous gold medals won in countries both in and outside of the USA, did stunt work in several Hollywood blockbusters, obtained your 4th dan in Tang Soo Do, all by the age of 30. What are you most proud of?


Chloe Bruce: Everything you have listed was a huge achievement and a big milestone in my life. For me they all have different meanings and reasons as to why they are all equal achievements. Every one is a pure example of my hard work and dedication to my sport and a reminder of how hard I have trained and focused to be able to get to where I am today. My black belt, my first World title, my Guinness world record and now working in Hollywood movies are a natural progression through life that I have focused on at some point and worked my hardest to achieve. I always set myself targets and goals and I will not stop until I reach them.


GS: How is working on a Hollywood movie different than working on other projects?


CB: Working on Hollywood movies is incredible. One of my proudest jobs so far has to be Guardians of the Galaxy, as I was so heavily involved. You feel a huge sense of responsibility, not only for your own pride to do a god job, but also for the actress you are doubling. You need to work extremely close with the actress and gain a good working relationship, and even move the same way. Whereas normally I would only have to focus and worry about my own movement, my own choreography and my own performance. But it’s an incredible life and one of which I am so proud to be a part of.




Chloe Bruce (right) was a stunt double in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.



GS: Describe a day in the training schedule of Chloe Bruce, including your unique diet.


CB: My training schedule has changed a lot over the years. But now my typical training day would consist of the following:


6.30am – Yoga, normally hot yoga, in the morning before breakfast. Which lasts 1 hour.
8.30am – Breakfast. I normally make a shake including sun warrior protein, a banana, spirilina, a shot of wheatgrass, and a litre of water.
11am – snacks something like nuts or fruit.
2pm – lunch. Normally chicken or fish with salad or veg.
5pm – snacks. Again fruit, veg or nuts
7pm – training. This session will be either martial arts based, crossfit, or circuit training. High intensity, and highly cardio based. Followed by sauna or steam room.
9.30pm – dinner fish with salad or veg


GS: What drives you? What is your motivation? Do you have a personal motto?


CB: My personal motto has and always will be “do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.
I believe In always being yourself, always trying to compete with who you were yesterday, and concentrating on being the best version of you there is. I am a highly driven person in general with a large amount of goals and targets, and I always make sure that no matter how hard to reach or how tough the journey will be, I will never quit. The sense of achievement once a goal is ticked off is just unbelievable.






GS: Women who are into Star Wars are usually stereotyped as needing to be sexy cosplayers or shunned as geeks. Do you have any words of wisdom for the female Geeks?


CB: Women who are into anything like that regardless of whether it is sci-fi, comic or anime are the coolest! I think it’s great. Women are so typically stereotyped but in actual fact guys always prefer girls with a passion, a hobby, or an interest in other things. So I say if you like what you are doing and it makes you happy run with it!


GS: What are your other interests? What do you love to do on a “day off”?


CB: I don’t tend to get many days off, but when I do I enjoy spending it with family, friends and loved ones, as I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. Other than that I love music, watching theatre shows, going to the cinema & my biggest love of all… Travelling! I love to see different parts of the World.


GS: Do you have a favorite movie or set of movies? Are you a fan of Star Wars? If you are, do you have a favorite character?


CB: One of my favourite movies of all time has to be Shawshank Redemption. I love movies like that. I have watched a few of the Star Wars movies, and I have to say I do enjoy Princess Leia as a character. I like the love interest with Han Solo and also the fact she is twin sister to Luke Skywalker. I think that storyline was great. She has a well driven, dedicated personality which reminds me of my own personality.




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