Geeking Out With Vanessa Marshall

Posted by on November 10, 2015 9:34 pm
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Geeking Out With Vanessa Marshall

Vanessa Marshall is a talented voice actress known for her work most recently as “Hera” on “Star Wars Rebels”. Recently, she was able to spare some time to join our list of celebrities who have been “Geeking Out” with Geeks Speak.


Geeks Speak: Who is “Hera” to you?

Vanessa Marshall: Hera is my hero. I admire her ability to focus, prioritize and yield when necessary.  She never forces solutions; instead, she quietly facilitates them.  Hera manages to accomplish a great deal by effortlessly bringing out the best in her counterparts.  I love how strong she is both physically and emotionally.  Her courage and her nurturing disposition inspire me daily.


GS: Guardians of the Galaxy, Metal Gear Solid V, Young Justice, Billy and Mandy, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and of course Rebels (among others) show you are a versatile voice actress. However…should Natasha Romanoff, Black Canary, and Hera end up in a room together, who’s walking out of there in one piece?

VM: All three.  I imagine those ladies would bond, unite forces, and leave as ONE!




GS: You get to trade places with one of your current colleagues in “Rebels” and act out their character. Who are you trading with?

VM: I would love to trade places with Chopper!  He is hilarious!  I could get up to no good and properly mess with the Empire!  That would be fun!




GS: Just for fun. Let’s say you’ve been offered any role you want in an upcoming Star Wars live action movie. What is your dream role? Smuggler? Glamorous casino owner? Jedi? Sith? FedEx Delivery Driver?

VM: Why, a Twi’lek, of course!! LOL!  It would be fun to play HERA in live action!


GS: There are a lot of readers who are amateur voice actors, YouTube movie makers, screenplay writers, etc. What advice would you give them on how to get where you are now? What advice would you give them on what to AVOID?

VM: I would go to Dee Bradley Baker’s website for any questions about voice over (  I would also advise taking endless classes (I still do) in whichever medium interests you!  I believe that having hobbies, doing charity work, and even traveling (to gain perspective) can also help foster success.  We don’t always have time for those things, but I know having passion makes anyone a more interesting employee, so I recommend character building activities. Finally, I would say, NEVER GIVE UP!




Bonus: Are y’all giving the “married couple” a hard time yet? (Freddie and Sarah) 

VM: No, they are wonderful!! Such great parents. Awesome role models!  We applaud them!  An adorable couple!!


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