Force Friday: What to Expect

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Force Friday: What to Expect

“Force Friday” is a midnight release of merchandise, toys, and apparel related to the latest Star Wars movie called “The Force Awakens”. The event is highly anticipated by fans of the franchise and stores are bracing for the frenzy. Over the past week, I’ve taken time to ask unnamed members of my local (located in the USA) Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us stores about the event. Calls and emails made to corporate offices for all three companies went unanswered.



Police presence? Yes.

Ticket system? Yes.

Item limit? Yes.

Results are somewhat mixed so far. One store didn’t know an event was happening. Another store had an impressive floor layout and details about their event. The layout showed at least two aisles of merchandise with a display stand in the middle. This store would have a giveaway for people standing in line and cosplayers from “an official organization”. I was told that they would be giving out tickets to those in line and if you didn’t have a ticket “you weren’t getting into the store”. The event was from 12:01am – 2:00am and people were limited to one item, per type of merchandise, per person. I was also told that they expected “about 1000 people” for the event.




Toys R Us:

Police presence? No.

Ticket system? No.

Item limit? yes.

The store I visited had very enthusiastic staff, but no official documentation from corporate offices about the event. They would have one, double-sided, aisle of merchandise available and would also limit people to one item, per type, per person. They were attempting to get cosplayers for their event, but had little luck at the time I spoke to them. Their event would go “until we sell out or the store opens for everyone else”. They would not have on-site police as they believed the fans “are too laid back” to act out.





Police presence? Yes.

Ticket system? No.

Item limit? Unknown.


The person I spoke to at my Walmart provided some fascinating details, but wasn’t yet sure how their crowd control would work. He was confident that, unlike the other companies, their line would he indoors (a welcome note to everyone in the southern USA). However, he wasn’t sure if there was going to be an item limit at all. Their system would be first come, first serve and a police presence would be at the store. They are going to have cosplayers as well who will be available for pictures.


I also obtained the following document from the Walmart employee, providing additional details about the TWO events they will have. Details are also provided about the exclusive Topps trading discs and a contest that stores will have with each other.


Walmart page1 Walmart page2



I fully plan to provide an update as we get closer to this highly anticipated event. If I could give any advice for anyone who has questions or is worried about details of the event in their local area, I strongly encourage asking a manager at your local store. They want things to go just as smoothly as we all do.

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-David Gremillion