Fans React to the “Star Wars: Rogue One” Trailer!

Posted by on April 7, 2016 7:50 am
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Fans React to the “Star Wars: Rogue One” Trailer!

“Star Wars: Rogue One”, the first ever Star Wars “stand alone” movie, released it’s trailer earlier this morning. This came as a delight to a lot of fans who were anxiously awaiting the trailer after Lucasfilm released a teaser yesterday. If there was any doubt behind the power of a non “Episode” Star Wars movie, they were quickly put to rest. Within only 54 minutes of being released, the trailer had been viewed 1.1 million times on the Star Wars Facebook page and over 200,000 times on their YouTube channel.


Fan reactions appear mostly positive, especially surrounding the character of “Mon Mothma”:



Kyle Mikesell: “It feels like Star Wars.”

Cam Fischer: “It was amazing to see Mon Mothma, AT-ATs, and old-school storm troopers in action again.”

Ging Chen Sow: “It’s a soon-to-be masterpiece!”

David Schirtzinger: “I think the Mon Mothma moment was absolutely amazing, especially for those of us who saw her as kids in the theater…I may be more excited for Rogue One than I was for (Episode ) VII.”




Thomas Bradshaw: “I am absolutely looking forward to seeing whatever role she may have in this film!”

Chris Abbott: “The way they are using Yavin, as well as Mon Mothma being there, original storm trooper designs, AT-ATs. BRILLIANT!”

Jordan Wignell: “It is good to see a Star Wars movie which isn’t focused on Jedi and Sith.”

Nicole Rhodes: “‘I rebel.’ My new favorite line.”


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