Daniel Radcliffe Named Top Geeky Actor

Posted by on January 6, 2017 2:37 pm
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Daniel Radcliffe Named Top Geeky Actor

“Get Your Geek On” is the first talk radio show in the USA that speaks to “geeks”. This new show has put together a list of the top 20 “geeky” actors and actresses in movies and unveiled their top choices.

“This is very exciting,” said show host David Gremillion. “We’re breaking new ground here and putting together this list was a lot of fun.”

The rankings were put together using the following criteria:

  • Acting ability (opinion based)
  • Number of blockbusters the actor/actress was in
  • IMDB User rating per “geeky” movie
  • An added score for each movie the actor/actress was a main character in


“We wanted to be sure that they get some added points for having a large role,” Gremillion said. “That way, Christian Bale gets more points than Michael Caine would for a Batman movie. It makes sense that way.”

The rankings named Daniel Radcliffe number one due to his work on eight movies in eleven years. Each one of the Harry Potter movies was a huge blockbuster and he was the title character in each one.

“It seems odd to have someone from just one franchise rule the rankings,” Gremillion explained. “But there’s just no denying the massive impact the Harry Potter franchise has had. When you think ‘geek’ you have to include Harry Potter. When you think ‘Harry Potter’ you have to think Daniel Radcliffe.”

Learn more about the talk radio show on their podcast page or their Facebook page.