AMD to NVIDIA: We’re Making Noise About VR

Posted by on January 29, 2016 10:36 pm
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At PAX South in San Antonio, Texas, AMD unveiled a League of Legends mini-tournament, an impressive array of processors, motherboards, and other computer hardware, but saved their crown jewel for last.


They showcased two Oculus VR headsets with some of their latest hardware. I spoke to one designer at length, who scoffed at the idea that NVIDIA was at the forefront of being the engine for VR technology.




“We have the goods,” he told me. “Better frame rate, asynchronous graphics capability, less blurring and latency issues, which means fewer complaints about dizziness. We’re making serious noise here and we have the goods to back it up.”

Several vendors had VR headsets on display, with waits to try out the budding technology at over two hours just on Friday. Many experts have dubbed 2016, “The Year of VR” and AMD at Pax South is eager to show what the tech can really do.

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