Star Trek Almost Had No Bones

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Star Trek Almost Had No Bones

Karl Urban, the versatile actor who played Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the first two new Star Trek movies nearly didn’t make it for the upcoming “Star Trek Beyond” movie.

The actor’s contract came to an end with Star Trek Into Darkness, and he was left with a choice about what he wanted to do. Obviously he ultimately decided to take the job, and we’ll be seeing Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy back on the Enterprise later this summer, but that’s because of the director.

“[Having Justin Lin direct] was a breath of fresh air, and I really appreciated Justin’s intimate knowledge and understanding of the character dynamics. I was on the fence about doing the movie until I spoke with Justin [because] I had a conflicting schedule, and I had a decision to make about which film to do, and I was no longer under contract to do a third picture. So I had a decision to make, and it was talking with Justin that enabled me to commit to it. I mean, he gets [Star Trek].”




Of course, Karl Urban isn’t the first actor to talk about the love that Justin Lin has for Star Trek, as the filmmaker has expressed that love himself many times in the past. In interviews he’s talked about the fact that he was always a “Star Trek kid” instead of a “Star Wars kid,” and that the space-set series was incredibly meaningful for him when he was growing up.

“Star Trek Beyond” plays in theaters on July 22nd.

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